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Advantages of digitization of housing and communal services management PDF Печать E-mail
Автор: Achilova F. K.   
30.04.2022 07:42



Achilova Firuza Kurbanovna,

an independent researcher at the Karshi branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi



Abstract: This article is devoted to digitization, methods and technologies, the essence and tasks of housing and communal services management.

Keywords: information technologies, housing and communal services, Service, management, digitization, modern technologies, efficiency.


Introduction. Today, one of the urgent issues is the digitization of management processes in each area, the introduction of information technologies. The introduction of information technologies into management processes can lead to an increase in labor productivity, reduce overhead costs, save time and resources, and improve quality. Digitalization processes in the management of the sphere are partially implemented, but not at a satisfactory level and are not fully organized. Until now, the population is facing problems such as queues, excessive amount of time, waste of resources.

The main part. Digitalization of housing and communal services management in rural areas, that is, the introduction of information technologies into the sphere, organization based on modern technologies, further improvement of the sphere's activities, further improvement of the standard of living of the population is one of the factors.


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